Audio Video Set-up:

Audio and video technologies have evolved considerably over the past decade. Having your system professionally installed by our trusted team will guarantee it will work to its full potential. Most equipment only includes the most basic standard cabling, giving you the lowest resolution and sound quality. Having proper quality cables will noticeably elevate the performance of your equipment to a superior level.

Wall Mounted TV Installation:

Mounting your LCD, LED, or Plasma television on a wall is an effective way of presenting a clean and modern look, which also frees up valuable floor space, while preserving your electronic investments from damage and accidents. At Total Home Audio Video, if there is a wall, there is a way!

Whole Home Automation:

Today’s world is becoming more and more about automation, from factories to cars that park themselves; why not employ this to your home as well? If you are looking to bring your home to the next level of sophistication, we are the company for you! Automation systems that can control your Audio/Video, Lighting, Locks, HVAC, Motorized Window Treatments, even your pool equipment can be bundled into the best whole house control system available today, URC Total Control. All of these systems can be integrated together through ONE control system, which can operate through in-wall touchpads, handheld remotes, and our smartphone/tablet application. Give us a call today to discuss the countless options for making your home a true smart home!

Multi-Room Audio Systems - Now or Future Plans:

If you are considering building, renovating or even about to decorate, this is the perfect time to wire your home for future audio video plans. Total Home Audio Video will be pleased to attend your premises in advance, and assist with a preliminary design of a professionally integrated wiring plan that will make future installations much easier and less costly. Multi-room audio systems are also a great addition to your home’s value; imagine having the ability to listen to clean, crisp audio in any room of your home, and even outside… There are many different variations of multi-room systems, which we can discuss with you as we focus on your needs and arrive at the right solution for you and your family.

Home Theatre Design and Installation:

Bringing the experience of a professional cinema right into your home is what we do best. Whether you are a movie buff or a sports nut, having your very own surround system at your finger tips can’t be beat. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter theatre system; every space is different and unique, which requires specific customized product and design aspects. We can guide and assist you with optimizing your desired design of the best possible system for your room(s), if you are starting with a fresh slate by constructing or renovating a home, or if you are fully finished, we can get it done right, on time and on budget. We guarantee you will be blown away by the product itself and our services.

Conference Room Solutions:

No matter what business you are in, it is important to make a positive, lasting impression on your clients. Hosting a board room system that speaks organization and professionalism not only looks good - it also shows you know how to do business. We can design a presentation center for those important meetings where only the best will do. Many options are available, from a modest presentation projector, to a fully automated system that controls your lighting, blinds, motorized screen, audio and video. Have us in for an evaluation of your company’s needs, and we can design a system that will bring you and your business ahead of the game.

Universal Remote Systems:

Are you overwhelmed by multiple remote controls? Is it next to impossible for you and your guests to operate your system? Total Home Audio Video is proud to be an Authorized URC (Universal Remote Control) Dealer. Put your old remotes in a box because URC’s revolutionary remote controls are truly amazing. They turn on the right devices, in the right order, with only one touch. URC controllers can be programmed for numerous applications, they can also control lighting, security, window coverings, and even your home's thermostat.

Power Protection:

Many people invest thousands of dollars into their systems, but neglect to protect their investment. Power surges and lightning strikes can result in costly damage to your equipment. Power management components not only protect you from these irregularities, they also give you the best sound and picture quality from your entertainment devices. We carry a full line of surge protectors, power conditioners, and battery back-up centers to meet your protection needs.

Video Surveillance Systems:

Unfortunately in today’s world, it is becoming more and more important to have your home and business protected by a quality video surveillance system. We carry the two best video security manufacturers available, IC Realtime and Wirepath, which helps protect you and your assets from theft, vandalism, personal injury, even keeping an eye on your children while they are at play. Our security systems also have Remote Access; you can view your cameras from anywhere in the world from your PC, or even on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to always be able to make sure your family, home, and business are safe, no matter where you are.


***No matter what services you choose, our staff at Total Home Audio Video will take the time to ensure you understand how to operate and enjoy your new system and all of its features. We look forward to serving you and your family with our focus on guaranteed customer satisfaction!

The possibilities are exciting and endless…